The Edge of Myself//20Mar2017

This song is for all mothers who know the feeling of having utterly reached the edge of themselves.

Written when I was heavily pregnant with my third child; when I was struggling with the challenging behaviour of a feisty three year old and 18m old. The physical and mental exhaustion left me feeling pretty crushed at that time. I craved solace, quiet and sleep. Although that intense season has passed now, I do every now and then find myself back in that place. If you know what I mean by that, this song os for you. I hope you can forgive the iPhone quality and hear the heart behind the music x b


The Edge of Myself

Need to feel the wind upon my face.

Need to feel the sun upon my cheek.

Need to feel the breath upon my lips.

Need to feel the bones under my skin.

Remember how to breathe,

Remember how to breathe.


Cos I’ve been living by the skin of my teeth.

Living like I’m struggling to breathe.

Living right at the edge of myself,

Like I’ve run out of breath

At the edge of myself.


Need to just be still and hear my head.

Where nothing must be done or must be said.

Need to just escape and see the sky,

Where I can sleep unbroken through the night.

Remember how to breathe,

Remember how to breathe.


Time to live in the fullness of myself,

Time to move away from the edge.


(Copyright RH 2016)

3 thoughts on “The Edge of Myself//20Mar2017

  1. This is a beautiful, heartfelt song Rebecca, one in which I can almost touch the emotion if I raise my hand to the sound.
    The joy and your love of singing has never left you, ”twas always lying dormant, ready for this moment ❤ x nb


  2. Beautiful. As the mom of three children now grown and mostly scattered, I felt every word. I remember those feelings well. Thank you for sharing.


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