Steam Train// 07March2017


My day, my every day, rolls on and on, never stopping – not even for a minute – like some relentless steam train that never actually pauses at a station. Passengers do fling themselves on and off this forever rolling machine – family and friends who care enough to be prepared to join the energetic, unceasing madness for a period.

I feel bad that this steam train cannot really veer its path for them – to make their lives easier. They must join our course. And along the iron rails we go. To keep us from a crash of great raging, wailing, flailing, exhausted little arms and legs we must adhere to these boundaries of metal ever pounding on before us. To hang out with us, you must join our wagon storming out into the wild west.

Steam flies.

Pistons repetitively work.



We have a goal across the horizon and we have become a finely tuned machine in our pursuit of it.

Sometimes I wish we could be more like a little plane – able to fly here and there, anytime, anywhere. Not much thought put into it. To go where the wind blows.

But as much as I yearn for that, I have seen the wheels come off too many times to know that we are steam train for now, not plane. Though this will not be forever.

Us and our little bandits are coupled together for the time being, over rickety terrain, hills and plain. We steam on. The fire must be constantly stoked.

Do come and join us.

But I’m afraid for now you’ll have to get on this train rather that us on yours.

You’ll understand why when you get here.


(p.s. The picture above is what happens when an Aunty has joined our steam train. We love Aunties)

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