Thanks for finding me here. My name is Becca. I am Mother/Musician/Writer/Music Therapist/Maker. My husband and I have three small children (ages 4, 2 and 6 months) – a beautiful boy and two  wonderful girls. Life is currently pretty intense. The emotions of parenthood are extreme, full of such joys and such lows. This blog has emerged out of the experience of that.

I am by nature quite a private person but I find myself somewhat timidly starting this blogging adventure because I cannot seem to switch off the words and music that come out of me, and I have wondered whether it is time to share some of them. This is a space, a creative outlet just for me, that little hands cannot touch. But it is also, I hope, a space for you.

My thoughts ruminate on the ongoing teetering tightrope walk of living in the tension between motherhood and creativity; motherhood and other work; motherhood and other dreams. I have found such solidarity, encouragement and community in reading other blogs, and in sharing experiences  with others. This is me throwing my small voice into that big conversation – maybe there’ll be a little something that resonates with you here too.

You will find both the written word and song here. I see them like tiny snapshots of my life – they capture moments (the light-hearted and the dark-hearted) rather than defining the whole experience. Forgive me – I am no expert in the written word, and the quality of the song recordings will be very limited and raw…for now. They are recorded after the children are in bed, tired eyes sellotaped open, a few takes must be enough. I am learning that creativity is much more about the process than the finished product, and that motherhood both hinders and enables this. However, I do this to challenge all those who say maintaining both full time, full on motherhood and creative artistry is impossible. I shall find a middle way. Do join me in my wanderings… x

P.s. I must credit the wonderful Emily for all the early and headed photographs on this site. You can find her natural light photography at:


All songs and writings are copyright to Rebecca H 2016.