Thanks for finding me here.

My name is Becca. I am a writer – of both words and songs, and I love capturing the little moments of life in this way, like snapshots on a camera. You will find mostly prose writing here, but do go and have a look at http://www.beccaburn.com for my music.

I have three young children – a beautiful boy and two  wonderful girls. Life can be pretty intense with them. The emotions and energy of parenthood are extreme, full of such joys and such lows. This site has emerged mainly out of the ashes of that experience.

I have written from a very young age, but writing became a real place of solitude and self expression for me in the early years of raising young children. Raising children both drained the life out of me and poured it into me at the same time. The early writings on this site begin with ruminations on the ongoing teetering tightrope walk of living in the tension between motherhood and creativity; motherhood and other work; motherhood and other dreams. I have found such solidarity, encouragement and community in reading other writers sharing similar experiences.  This is me throwing my little voice into that big conversation – maybe there’ll be a little something that resonates with you here too.

x b

P.s. I must credit the wonderful Emily for all the early and headed photographs on this site. You can find her natural light photography at: